How to Make a High-Performing Commercial

– More than 5,000+ ads bombard consumers daily. As a business leader and consumer, you’ve likely been on the receiving end of spray-and-pray tactics, as well as why-didn’t-I-think-of-that marvels. Producing effective video content demands more than quick wit. It takes foresight, strategy, and, in our case, many years of expertise. With so much on the line, …

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New Talent Announcement: Welcome back to the office!

– Lovers recently reunited in person with their old teammates, as well as with several newbies who had only been known in a virtual context. In unchartered territory, they were interviewed, hired, and onboarded via Zoom. Who are these newbies? And what can they offer our Love clients? They offer expertise in data analytics, content creation, …

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‘The right thing’: How COVID changed how companies advertise to you

– Every industry has been impacted by COVID-19, and advertising is no exception. But, when companies like Anheuser-Busch, Pepsi, and Coke, who are notoriously known for their Super Bowl ads, announced that they would not be advertising during this year’s game, people asked, “Why?”  Love’s president and founding partner, Tom Love sat down with ABC4 to …

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Love Communications Pauses to Reflect This Holiday Season

– Every year around this time, we find ourselves loading our schedules with this holiday concert, that family party, shopping for those friends and family members and trying to keep up all our traditions. The holiday season can be an overwhelming time of year with so many places to be and things to check off the …

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Love is Making Magic

– Solving problems and building brands are only a few of the many tricks up our sleeves. Through the trust of our friends at the Kane County of Tourism and the creative minds of our team at Love Communications, we were able to pinpoint a clear identity for Kanab and create a memorable and authentic campaign …

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Happy New Year!

– With a fast and furious start to the New Year, we can’t help but reflect on the tremendous year we’ve had. We recognize that our good fortune couldn’t have been accomplished without you – our clients, partners, community, families and our people. Many thanks to you, here is our year in review.

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We Upgraded Our Media Reporting Tools

– Back in the 60’s, shows like The Carol Burnett Show captured the attention of 30 million TV viewers per episode. Viewership statistics of this magnitude are unheard of these days but back then, there were only three networks to watch. Several decades later, TV viewing and distribution channels are more fragmented than ever, making its …

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Navigating in a Cross Platform World

– By. Peggy Conway, Vice President, Director of Media Consumers have an insatiable appetite for video, and options abound, from YouTube to original online series to top rated prime on linear TV to a multitude of programs on demand. While traditional TV still accounts for the majority of video viewing (A 2014 report from Nielsen states that 283 …

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