We Upgraded Our Media Reporting Tools

Back in the 60’s, shows like The Carol Burnett Show captured the attention of 30 million TV viewers per episode. Viewership statistics of this magnitude are unheard of these days but back then, there were only three networks to watch. Several decades later, TV viewing and distribution channels are more fragmented than ever, making its measurement equally complex.

As stewards of our clients’ media investments, Love Communications is continually keeping an eye on the tools and vendor partnerships that make our media strategies smart and most effective. To that end, we are pleased to share that we are making a change in our media measurement vendor for the Utah television market. As of January 1, 2016, Love will switch from Nielsen to Rentrak.
Rentrak’s television ratings service is the only fully integrated system of detailed nationwide satellite, telco and cable television viewing information from more than 36 million televisions and Video on Demand viewing from approximately 120 million TVs, including granular information for television stations in all 210 markets projected across the United States. Specific to Utah, Rentrak has 83,800 set-top boxes in-market compared with Nielsen’s 450.
As additional benefits, Rentrak measurement tools are electronically imbedded – meaning viewers do not have to opt in for monitoring like they do for Nielsen. And Rentrak ratings have been more stable and consistent throughout the year reflecting fewer fluctuations.
With a better read of viewership through Rentrak, Love is able to make better, more intelligent choices for our valued clients. Call us if you want to learn more.

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