The Blocks

Downtown Salt Lake City lacked a streamlined way to learn about the many arts and cultural activities in the 40-block neighborhood. The Cultural Core Action Plan was created to tout Utah’s premier entertainment district. Love Communications was retained to create a new identity for downtown Salt Lake and invite the community to discover and explore the Cultural Core.

Creating a Sense of Place

A new name for the initiative, THE BLOCKS—places a focus on the artistic hub of downtown and provides additional historical context to the city. (Salt Lake has the largest blocks of any U.S. city.) Love created a new identity, website and environmental graphics to raise awareness of THE BLOCKS experience.The campaign centered around a new website designed to provide up-to-date event information for all artists, performances, and partner organizations within THE BLOCKS. Environmental graphics such as sidewalk decals, kiosk wraps, and street light flags were employed to activate the newly designated downtown space and drive traffic to the website. Outdoor billboards and web banners run on weekly rotation advertising community events throughout downtown in a variety of categories from concerts and nightlife to family friendly and free activities.

A Reason to Celebrate

THE BLOCKS’ media campaign launched on July 13, 2018, with a block party consisting of music, dance, and art. Since launch, THE BLOCKS has organized a multitude of community and artist mural projects, adding to the vibrant feel throughout downtown SLC and engaging new visitors. Ongoing marketing efforts include a blend of traditional and digital media including radio, print, outdoor, YouTube, transit and TRAX wraps, geo-targeted mailers, programmatic, and mobile targeting—all engineered towards driving and measuring foot traffic. The campaign showed great success with 13.6 million impressions in just the first nine months. Through our mobile targeting partner, we were able to track nearly 3,000 visitors from ad exposure to verified walk-in, using mobile IDs and location data. The campaign continues to evolve as more awareness is built around THE BLOCKS and all the area has to offer.