Moab Area Travel Council

Moab, Utah is a destination known for its astounding natural landscapes and adventurous spirit. Long-regarded as a bucket- list destination for mountain bikers, hikers, four-wheelers, and travelers in general, the town of Moab has faced overwhelming pressure during peak seasons. Working with The Moab Travel Council (, Love Communications was tasked with promoting travel during the off-season and inspiring responsible visitation. The content produced would be central to digital media efforts, and used as in native advertising.

Focusing on the right content

Like all content creation efforts, we started by analyzing our audience’s search intent. How were travelers seeking the information we wanted to offer, and how could we better position than their competitors? Our research led to the creation of an informative article, optimized to address all aspects of The Best Time to Visit Moab. The piece was written to keep users engaged, rank organically, and serve as a useful resource to acquire backlinks.

Optimized for Success

The article gained organic value quickly, with the target keyword “best time to visit moab” rising from the 16th position to the 2nd in only 3 months. The page also ranks for a variety of terms Discover Moab had not previously ranked for before. Plus, the page attracted backlinks for a variety of sites, including travel publications. Since publishing, organic traffic accounts for 83% of all users and drives higher session durations than the site average.