Photo of Steve Wright

Steve Wright

Vice President, Interactive Services Director

Steve manages website design & development at Love Communications. He oversees the team that provides creative design solutions and innovative web development. Steve has a background that combines the various arts of visual design, animation and coding. Steve is an experienced creative solution providerwho is motivated by results-driven media. That motivation comes from more than 15 years experience designing and developing everything from websites, digital marketing campaigns and software applications. Steve (most commonly introduced as TallSteve) is passionate about website design, usability and content marketing. Steve has a knack for solving puzzles and producing animated eye-candy for traditional and new-media digital devices. He also has the rare ability to develop and optimize code.

Steve’s former experiences include working as an interactive animator and developer for Sandman Studios where he created animated web content for Film Roman, Harper Collins, and The Larry King Cardiac Foundation. He began the ad agency life (career) at Studeo as a production artist and interactive art director working with ICON Health & Fitness, Omniture, Corinthian Colleges and Infocus. Steve is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a BFA in Visual Arts and Design.