Agency’s new video illustrates the power of Love

By John Youngren

April 10, 2014


It’s truly a labor of Love.

Love Communications’ official new introductory video, just released, features both the people of Love and the agency’s hurried pace. Titled, “Love: Ourselves,” the two-minuteish video is meant both as introduction to the staff of Love Communications and a (very) fast sampling of the vast amount of work the agency produces, day after day after day.

“I was trying to find a creative way to show what life at Love is like,” said producer/director Anthony Oliver, who conceived of and edited the video over the course of the past month. “I wanted to represent our culture and the fast pace of everything we do.”

An upbeat, whimsical instrumental music track drives the more than 1,300 video and still images that quickly unfurl throughout the video, which features snapshots of everyone on the current staff and a huge sampling of the agency’s work for its diverse clients, both past and present. Anthony estimates he spent more than 45 hours on the project, fitting it in when he could during rare down moments.

“It’s not a reel, but a lot of our (client) work is represented,” Anthony said. “It’s not a tour (of the agency), but a lot of our space is represented.”

“Love: Ourselves” replaces a “tour of the agency” video that was produced in 2010. It was entertaining, but hard to keep up-to-date. As people and projects come and go, Anthony wanted the new video to be “somewhat malleable,” so that he could edit in new faces and images relatively easily. (Among the Love faces in the current version is one of the adopted agency cats, the formerly feral kitty affectionately known as “Patches.”)

In addition to its online presence, “Love: Ourselves” is also a signature piece for the Love Communications staff to use in new business pitches and other similar presentations.

“I tried to represent everyone (on the staff) in a personal way, but also in a work way,” Anthony said.

See for yourself if he succeeded.

[vimeo id=”89321482″ /]