Love is Making Magic

Solving problems and building brands are only a few of the many tricks up our sleeves. Through the trust of our friends at the Kane County of Tourism and the creative minds of our team at Love Communications, we were able to pinpoint a clear identity for Kanab and create a memorable and authentic campaign featuring Kanab and Southern Utah titled Kanab: Magically Unspoiled with the catchy tag line: “Abra Kanabra.”

See Utah Businesses full article here.

Happy New Year!

With a fast and furious start to the New Year, we can’t help but reflect on the tremendous year we’ve had. We recognize that our good fortune couldn’t have been accomplished without you – our clients, partners, community, families and our people. Many thanks to you, here is our year in review. (more…)

We Upgraded Our Media Reporting Tools

Back in the 60’s, shows like The Carol Burnett Show captured the attention of 30 million TV viewers per episode. Viewership statistics of this magnitude are unheard of these days but back then, there were only three networks to watch. Several decades later, TV viewing and distribution channels are more fragmented than ever, making its measurement equally complex. (more…)

Navigating in a Cross Platform World

By. Peggy Conway, Vice President, Director of Media

Consumers have an insatiable appetite for video, and options abound, from YouTube to original online series to top rated prime on linear TV to a multitude of programs on demand. While traditional TV still accounts for the majority of video viewing (A 2014 report from Nielsen states that 283 million Americans watch nearly 146 hours of TV each month), online and mobile are where the growth is and we see a continued shift to online streaming. As digital platforms continue to emerge, media fragmentation continues to accelerate, making it increasingly difficult to reach a larger audience. What digital lacks in reach, it makes up for in personalization and advertisers can benefit from more precise targeting, higher engagement and interactivity available in the digital sphere. (more…)

Celebrating 16 Years of Success

By: Melanie McBride, Vice President, Director of Content and Consumer Engagement

Remember when you turned 16? Bright-eyed and invincible. Independent. A later curfew. Your hands on the wheel. And nothing on your mind more important than LOVE! Well guess who just turned 16! Love Communications. With a solid foundation of success, we’re in the driver’s seat, our eyes on the future, and we’re ready to soar.



By: Chip Haskell, Associate Creative Director

Not long ago, a friend of ours named Jens called us up and asked if we would help him market his camera shop. The conversation went something like this (keep in mind that Jens is originally from Denmark and has a noticeable Danish accent)….

JENS: Hi guys. Do you want to maybe help me do some radio advertisements?

US: Sure Jens. We’d love to. Why radio?

JENS: Because radio is what I want to do.

US: Great. We’ll come over tomorrow and visit with you and get things going.

JENS: Okay. Bye.

The next day, we drive to his camera shop – a one-location business called Pictureline in downtown Salt Lake – and sit down with Jens in his office.


Public Relations is More Than Spin

By. Rhonda GreenwoodVice President, Public Relations Director

One of the biggest challenges a public relations professional faces is not the work itself, but rather, defining public relations for people outside of the industry. (Try explaining the PR profession to your grandmother!)
The first thing that comes to mind for many is that public relations is the work of a publicist or a “spin doctor.” And, although writing news releases, pitching stories to the media, facilitating news interviews and preparing clients for them are all very important, they’re only part of the picture.


Why A Mobile-Friendly Website Matters to Google (and should matter to you).

By: Steve Wright, Vice President, Director of Interactive Services

If you have a smart-phone, you are probably well aware that some sites are mobile-friendly and others are not. Think back to the last time you searched for something on your phone. How do you feel when the information you are looking for is difficult to read? Perhaps you are shopping for that last-minute oh-so-difficult-to-find gift and the checkout form is off the right of the screen with no scroll bar? Do you as a user want to do business online if the resulting experience has so many flaws? Answer with me, of course not!


The Difference Between Trends vs. Fads

By: Alan Reighard, Partner/Brand Planning

I am finally trendy! Or at least part of something that is trending. This is a big deal for me because I don’t like taking selfies, I have not used Uber or Lyft. I (hopefully) will never use Tinder.

But I am now trending. If you haven’t been online in the past week, you may have missed the news: “Dad Bods” are hot! And I have not been hot since my girlfriend Karen’s father let me take her and his yellow Corvette for a ride in high school. (more…)